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Start tracking visitors to your website or blog today!
Simply sign up for your free hit counter above and you'll be set up in no time at all.  Track unique web page visitors or by page views and with our many styles to choose from there are many free hit counters that will fit well with your website.  Once you've selected the style you'd like just copy and paste the website counter code into your website or blog and that's it, you're all set up!

Installation Instructions

General Installation:  Simply copy the above code and paste into your website page or template.

Blogger Installation: Go to the "Layout" page and click "Add a Gadget".  Scroll down to "HTML/Javascript" and click on the add button.  Paste the above code in the content area and click save.

WordPress Installation:  Go to the "Widgets" page and click "Add" on the "Text" widget.  When the new "Text" widget appears on the right side of the screen under the "Current Widgets" column click on "edit".  Paste the above code in the text box and click "Done" then "Save Changes".

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